Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My first post

I am hesitant about beginning a blog. In the first place who in their right mind would want to read my wanderings? I'm not sure I want to read them! But I am setting out on this adventure anyway.
I was talking with my two-year-old grandson yesterday. I found myself saying to him that life is hard. I was repeating one of those phrases we pull out when we don't know what to say. Conrad turned to me and said very clearly, "No it isn't! Life isn't hard!". Having lived 55 years more than he has, I know better. Life is tough! Life is unexpected. Life is hard to handle sometimes. I saw a bracelet in a catalog that said "Life is tough!" on one side. When you turn it over it says "I'm tougher!". Sometimes I am tougher than the circumstances I am facing. Other times I am bewildered or confused or weak in the knees. But when I look at the tough parts from God' perspective, I realize I don't have to be tougher. I just have to hand them over to Him and grab His outstretched hand. I know I am in for a wild ride but I am secure in His grasp.